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Dinamica SRL [Booth #729]

ArredoCAD is a 3D interior design software that allows you to create photoreal renderings showing any kind of design and architectural solution. It has been developed by Dinamica S.r.l., a company  founded in 1996 based in one of the most important furniture districts in Italy.
ArredoCAD is easy and fast to use, and it contains a library made up of 30,000 3D furnishing elements each editable and modular, one of the hugest in the world. These features allow to reproduce any kind of furnishing element (kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, offices and shops) and to customize the project in real time according the client’s needs.

It is used by interior designers, furniture and floor/wall covering retailers, architects and professionals specialised in renovating or selling real estates.

The automatic insertion of worktops, plinths, household appliances, floor/wall covering and tiling that make designing with ArredoCAD are very easy; the powerful and fast rendering engine of ArredoCAD, D-RAY, developed by the programmers of Dinamica S.r.l., already optimized to render the materials contained in the library of ArredoCAD; the Virtual Reality with which the 3D scene of your project can be exported in a few second for the visor Oculus Rift; and, beside the library with 30,000 elements, there are the products of the most prestigious brands of the Made in Italy.

The 3D elements of ArredoCAD are parametric and can be configured according to your needs. The user can create any kind of customized furniture item putting together single parts (structures, shelves, doors etc.) or using the solid modeler. He can import textures and coverings as well. The technical prints of the project are created automatically by ArredoCAD and can be customized inserting your logo.

You can also import your 3D objects from Sketchup and 3DStudio Max. Moreover, you can import 2D plans from Autocad in DXF or DWG.
Why ArredoCAD
ArredoCAD allows to supply your clients with a professional and modern service. You can show him a photoreal preview of the design solutions. With ArredoCAD you can make the best use of your designer skills and competences. You can publish your design projects and renderings on your website or share them in the social networks and that is the most effective way to present you and your work to potential clients.