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JEE-O soho RAW series
bold, beautiful, and pure


NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL (November 15, 2018) - Following the resounding success of the robust JEE-O soho series, we launched the soho RAW series; the soho in its purest form: bold and beautiful, in brushed stainless steel. The soho series was originally finished with a black hammered coating. In the RAW series, that coating has been eliminated, further reinforcing the industrial appearance. It is design without a fuss.

The soho series is the result of a collaboration between JEE-O and Amsterdam-based design studio Grand & Johnson: creative cosmopolitans working together to shape maximal minimalism. They were inspired by Soho, the vibrant neighborhood in cosmopolitan New York. A dynamic melting pot of cultures and styles, and home to countless industrial loft apartments, Soho is austere and stark. The JEE-O soho collection is characterized by that same simplicity. Less is more. Thanks to the one-move cartridge in the faucet mechanism, the cleverly designed handle with a tactile rubber coating can be operated in the same way as a joystick. Made of stainless steel and finished with a black, weather-resistant hammer coating for the right industrial look.

The JEE-O soho collection features outdoor showers, a freestanding bath filler, deck and wall mounted faucets, shower valves, wall and ceiling mounted shower heads, a range of accessories, and bathtubs & basins. The entire JEE-O soho collection is not just available in RAW or black hammer coated stainless steel, but now also in green and grey powder coated stainless steel.

Design has permeated all facets of our lives, yet the bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to beautiful design. JEE-O is changing that because starting and finishing the day surrounded by tremendous products gives you an enormous boost.

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