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GRACE Outdoor Shower in Untreated Brass
finding a graceful gesture…


NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL (November 15, 2018) - When designing an outdoor shower, many factors come into play: how to design an object in an environment of wellness, well-being, sport and physicality, water and nature, that fits each of these aspects... Also its shape, appearance, feel, material, and setting are features that give an object its soul.

A pure line, with no further frills, is the answer. Requiring little to no maintenance, a patina will form on the surface of the brass material over time, giving the shower a unique life cycle from golden yellow to tarnished brown. Its powerful shape and timeless aspect make this object feel at home in any setting, whether in a pool environment or a beautiful landscape. A simple handle allows for easy operation of the pressure balance valve.

Extravagant in its minimalism, this beautiful object combines elegance with functionality...

About the Designer – Hans Verstuyft

Belgian architectural firm Hans Verstuyft Architects was founded in 1992. Hans focuses on projects that are various in scale and planning as he looks for challenging assignments, which he loves to study.

His work is based on the specific conditions each project has. The result is an analysis of these conditions: setting surroundings, budget, users, light... but also more subjective elements like feeling, warmth, comfort, touch, and sensuality. Hans wants to include in his projects a way of life, and not only a rational solution. His style of architecture might be considered traditional. He doesn't want to make fashionable buildings. Hans thinks architecture is to last, and to give new opportunities for each generation. Future buildings must have a soul that inspire the users and invites them to live in. His inspiration is to think sober, to reduce. Like we see in fashion, dance, and art. Sober things often have a strong appearance.

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