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TiiPii Bed [Booth #325]

TiiPii Bed Releases the 'Bambino' TiiPii Bed - a delightful miniature version of the family sized bed, just for children

Featuring the same open design as the original TiiPii Bed, The Bambino TiiPii allows children to experience the relaxing sensation of floating just above the ground and encourages inspiration, creativity & pure imagination.

A delightful feature within any nursery or children's bedroom, or the ultimate outdoor 'nest' to play and relax in.

When paired with the newly released TiiPii 'Wigwam' cover that simply ties around the outer TiiPii Stand, it transforms the charming floating bed into a chic teepee inspired playhouse.  Pair with fairy lights, cushions and blankets for a cosy nook to create the perfect place for reading, relaxing and having a snugly snooze.  Launched exclusively in the USA at ICFF.